“The Sisyphean Doll-lemma”; prototype children’s toy 20” x 34” ; A children’s toy toy which is simultaneously hard as stone and soft as a pillow depending on how the child interacts.


Exponentially going nowhere; Plays holiday music exponentially getting faster and faster.

end_zone 2.jpg

"Chargers” - Explore how the self occupies multiple spaces at once in the new digital age, as well as our longing and obsession to “stay connected”, “stay connected” to what? and to what end?. These chargers explore the paradox of how we can be more connected with people and places than ever before in human history, while simultaneously alienating ourselves more than ever before. Through the use of smart phones, the internet, and social media the world can now communicate in a way never previously imaginable, however this simultaneously leaves us with the potential of a new kind of Loneliness which wasn't before anticipated. These “Charger Works” act as alters for the re-charging ritual of the smartphones as an extension of the ego, mind, body, and self, for better or for worse.


What people are saying…

“We like this piece. My wife and I saw this, and stopped to take a closer look. We have a similar dancing hula girl thats on the dashboard of our Subaru Outback, so . We love it! But this ones different, its attached to a brick.”

“The artist was nice enough to let me borrow this for a “trial period” of sorts….I left her on the window cill in my office at around 9am and she started to dance. I left for the day and came back around 5pm and sure enough she was still dancing! The sun went down as usually but I left my desk lamp on, and she danced all night too! -You can buy these not attached to a brick at Dollar Tree so there was no way I was going to buy this from the artist, and its far to heavy.” -Dian Sawyer

“Its impractical”

“She’s a bird in a guilded cage… We know she loves to dance, but she’s not happy, she just looks happy. She’s stuck.”